Albrecht Sebastian Dietzel

Technology and Developer Usability Consultant


Founder of an award winning mobile app for personal driver management.

Used to lead the technology and engineering department at dubizzle.

Prior to that, was in charge of dubizzle’s software architecture for years,
successfully transforming an aging codebase into a modern micro-services
architecture without negative business impact during the migration.

If you have trouble finding the right talent, don’t know which technology to choose
for a new project or product or if you’re seen a sudden spike in user traffic
but your software systems aren’t able to keep up. I can help.

My Specialties Are:

  • Building highly effective software development teams
  • Designing Software Architecture that scales
  • Technology and Engineering Management
  • Team-building
  • A Martial Art Called EBMAS WingTzun

OpenSource Contributions

Work Experience


Founder of:

  • (July 2016 - Current)
    • Alert your driver for pick-up and track your car’s location with just one tap.
    • Awarded Best Arab Startup at Gitex 2016
  • (2015-2016)
    • Instant On Demand Services - Needa is the easiest way to order any service you need in Riyadh and Dubai.

March 2015 - Current
Self-employed (Dubai, UAE)

Resident Technologist and Advisor at UTURN

November 2016 - Current
UTURN is the leading Arabic short from entertainment network on YouTube.
I’m managing the creation of UTURNs entertainment platform.

Developer Usability and Technology Consultant

October 2014 - Current
Self-employed (Dubai, UAE)

Working closely with renowned companies to build tailor made products to suit their needs:

  • Developer Usability
    • Usability of API’s, RESTful endpoints and your general interface
  • Software Architecture and Scalability
    • Highly available and scalable RESTful backend
  • Language Specific Framework
    • Python
      • Django
    • JavaScript and EcmaScript 6
      • Node.js
      • Express.js
  • Mobile App Development in:
    • iOS
      • Objective-C
      • ReactNative
    • Android

Building, managing and developing high performance teams of software architects,
mobile, back-end and front-end engineers, that’s my speciality.

As well as, plan software architecture, help decide on the right software stack,
ensure that you’re able to scale it in terms of technology and manpower.

One of my main specialties is to modernize an old codebase using none disruptive tools
and software architecture constructs.

Major Corporations Worked With:

  • Rackspace
  • UXBert
  • Dubizzle

Chief Technology Officer

December 2013 - March 2015
dubizzle (Dubai, UAE)


  • Lead the technology and engineering department
  • Built, managed and developed high performance teams of software architects,
    mobile, back-end and front-end engineers
  • Was in charge of 50 engineers working on iOS/Android, our Django based responsive
    website and multiple micro-services and was able to successfully install a culture of
    transparency, accountability and ownership within my teams

Key Points:

  • Built winning high performance teams
    • Built teams of leaders, help and empower them to build high performance teams
    • Trained Team Leaders and Leaders of Team Leaders on how to use emotional
      intelligence and building intrinsic motivation across their teams
  • Brought all technology at dubizzle under one roof
  • Ensured the continuous delivery of features from our engineers while keeping the lights on
  • Scaled engineering efforts beyond 25 people up to 50 and built a culture of excellence and
    players that exercise ownership, accountability and provide them with transparency into the
    rest of the organization
  • Dealt and negotiated with multiple levels of internal and external stakeholders
  • Proposed and delivered within a agreed upon budget

Director Technology - Central

November 2012 - December 2013
dubizzle (Dubai, UAE)

Lead a centrally shared unit that was entrusted with the sites continuous availability and
stability.This included all non-user facing service as well as all infrastructure and system administration work on a 24/7 - 365 on-call basis. We built multiple redundancy fail-over using:

  • Database:
    • MySQL
    • Postgres
    • Redis
    • Riak
    • ElasticSearch
  • Webservers
    • Nginx
    • UWSGI
    • Gevent
  • Queuing Solutions
    • Celery

The focus split in March 2012 necessitated in order to be able to bill usage accordingly, we split the bill into UAE and MENA on a cost per server / effort basis.

Head of Software Engineering & Architecture

dubizzle (Dubai, UAE)

June 2011 - November 2012

  • Managed and standardized the Software Release Process
  • Trained teams in Kanban, Scrum and XP
  • Structured the communication flow between Quality Assurance and Engineering Teams
  • Interfacing with suppliers
  • Structured and operated the technical interview process
  • Put together a consolidated financial budget for all technology efforts companywide

August 2011

Ran the interview process in India, Delhi on the IIT and IIIT out of which we shortlisted 2
candidates out of 500.

March 2012

  • Evaluated of our current software and rebuilt it for the MENA markets based on modern
    Services Based Architecture

  • Managed, planned, and architected the transition of the below 3 phases:

    • 1) Creation of a HTTP Database-As-A-Service Backend that would encapsulate all complexity
      around storage, fail-over and keyword as well as geo-spatial search. The task was finished
      within 4 weeks
    • 2) Recreation of our website offering in form of a simpler yet more modern and
      responsive web design. Within 4 weeks we launched the first site in Bahrain and migrated
      another 13 within the next month
    • 3) In order to be able to deliver on time we had to take multiple shortcuts, within the coming
      months we hardened the DBaaS backend and resolved technical dept

Started by the end of 2012 with personal coaching sessions to enhance my management capabilities. As a result, of which I introduced 1-on-1 sessions with all my direct reports on a weekly basis and I developed a performance program in which employees could participate to ensure that they’ve grown professionally while working together with me.

Senior Software Engineer for

dubizzle (Dubai, UAE)

August 2007 - 2009

  • Based classifieds, property site with 1,800,000 monthly visitors generating 22,000,000 page
  • Lead team member of a 5 man team developing WSGI applications based on Django
  • Geographic Information System back-end development with the GeoDjango
  • JavaScript MVC-framework using Google Maps
  • Scaled the site from monthly 1,600,000 to 22,000,000 page views
  • Multipled Nginx, Memcached, MySQL servers
  • SOAP/REST-API implementation to support StreamSend

Seminars, Workshops, Trainings


  • Transformational Leadership
  • Building and Leading High Performance Teams
  • Scrum Master Training


  • Functional Programming Principles in Scala
  • ElasticSearch Training Berlin


  • DjangoCon 2010, 2011, 2012
  • EuroPython 2013, 2014


  • German (Native or Bilingual Proficiency)
  • English (Full Professional Proficiency)
  • Arabic (Elementary Proficiency)